Working With Family First Life

At Family First Life we hire people who have been in the insurance field for years and the brand new agent alike! We welcome those who have had sales training and those who have never worked sales before.  People in both categories have found success at Family First Life. We have had successful agents from the social work or caregiving field and also have had successful agents who were engineers, restaurateurs, and every other profession you can imagine. Our agents usually have some things in common, they are trustworthy, hardworking, teachable people who have tough skin.

While working with Family First Life, you can control your schedule! You are an independent agent, but you will have our support when you need it.  It’s a unique mixture of working on a team and being your own boss at the same time. We motivate the team through positivity and challenging our agents to be the best people they can be.  We believe that through influencing our team to grow personally, we make them better at their jobs.

Before we hire a new agent, we talk.  We want to know your needs and wants in a career. We want the new agent to be supported, and we strive to have the most qualified team members available to mentor new agents. We know this is not the right job for every personality type, but we believe a majority of our hires can be successful if they work hard and learn all they can about this career while being fully aware that insurance is a numbers game.

Family First Life is mainly about helping people. We help those who are looking to buy insurance protect their loved ones from unfortunate circumstances, and we help our agents take care of their families financially. Joining us may change your life for the better!