Why ReliaShield Is Good For All Families

Although it feels like the Annual Convention just ended, we are actually celebrating the fact we are halfway through 2019! We here at Family First Life like to call this the "50-yard line" of 2019.  As part of our celebration this week, we would like to talk about a product we feel is essential for you to share with all your clients. It's just another way to protect and serve families.   

On Mother's Day, Family First Life Board Member Andrew Taylor gave his mother the gift of ReliaShield. Most people would think this to be a strange gift, but his gesture touched me. If you think about it, he is protecting and caring for his Mom's identity, which is incredibly sweet!

Identity theft affected 16.8 million in 2017 alone, and someone's identity is stolen every 2 seconds!  Identity thieves will target anyone who has a social security number, adults, and children alike. You can do everything right and still become a victim! It's a growing problem, and everyone should protect their identity.                                                                                

What is ReliaShield?  It is identity theft protection, and so much more. ReliaShield protects its members from financial fraud, medical ID theft, tax fraud, criminal ID theft, social security fraud, child ID theft, benefits and employment fraud, and title fraud. They boast an astounding 100% Recovery Success Rate, and their experts will restore your identity. If that was not enough, each member receives $1 million in stolen funds coverage and personal expense reimbursement!

Family First Life Agents are eligible to offer this product to ALL their clients in-home. ReliaShield is a valuable tool for everyone, young and old, and they have options to cover families as well as singles. This product gives all Family First Life Agents another useful way to serve the families who reach out to us for help.

Please contact your VP to get started with ReliaShield TODAY and like Andrew you can buy it for your Mom.