Family First Life at its core is about people and changing their lives for the better.  We help our clients every single day protect their loved ones if the unexpected and unfortunate should happen.  At the same time, we help our agents make a living to provide for their families in a way they want to provide for them.  People are our single focus whether it be our clients or our agents and staff.


We believe in loyalty and honesty. 

We believe in empowering not enabling.

We believe hard work can change lives for the better.


From President Shawn Meaike to the brand-new hire we encourage people to work hard and change lives, both theirs and their clients. We guide our clients to make choices to protect their loved ones. We are a market disruptor and believe that we can together change the face of the insurance industry and change the lives of millions of people for the better all the while keeping in mind that change can be hard and uncomfortable.

Family First Life at its core is about people and changing their lives for the better.

Our best agents are humble and hungry.  They thrive on independence but foster a love of learning about their trade.  We provide the training so that all our agents can succeed and make an exceptional living. These trainings are always offered for free, by people who have worked in the field, and we are transparent in our methods. If our people succeed it is because they put in the hard work, it takes to become outstanding at their job.  We provide the tools, our independent agents put in the hard work and dedication.

As our name says, we are a family.  We have regional offices, but we are one company.  We work collaboratively and independently all at the same time. Our regional offices support their agents but if they have a need their office can’t assist with the other offices or the main office jump in with help quickly and efficiently. We come together regionally as much as possible, but we come together as an organization once a year to train and celebrate who we are and what we have achieved.  Together, we can be mighty and change insurance now.  These are all the reasons you should learn more and think about joining us.