Weekly Agent Spotlight: Tyler Jordan-Taylor


Family First Life would like to formally recognize Tyler Jordan-Taylor as our agent of the week! Tyler is currently on track to becoming a Hall of Fame Producer for the first time and is currently ranked at #16 with $184,631 in YTD production! We spoke with Tyler to get some insight on his current goals and how he's been able to increase his sales:


In 2018 you finished at 24th in the company with $186,084 IP production, how have you been able to increase that?


"One of the biggest factors has been hiring an assistant to help me with all of the back-office work. That has allowed me to focus my time on what I love doing, which is meeting and helping families."


How have you been able to remain so consistent this year?


"Knowing that I now have an assistant who depends on me for a paycheck each week keeps me consistent. I also feel that if he doesn't have enough work to do it pushes me to get out into the field and make something happen."


Where do you see yourself finishing in 2019?


"I was so close to hitting hall of fame last year so that's definitely my main focus. I would also like to finish as a top 10 agent in the company. To help reach that goal, I've been making an effort to increase my annuity production by asking more questions in the home"


Family First Life is extremely thankful for Tyler as well as all of our top producers! We hope that others who may be struggling will find some encouragement and advice that will help increase their own sales.


If you would like to advocate for another producer to be featured in our agent spotlight,

please contact Agent Support Specialist Precious Smith at 860-317-1324 EXT. 1324