Weekly Agent Spotlight - Steven Giordano

Family First Life would like to formally recognize Steven Giordano as our agent of the week!

Steven is currently #10 in the company with $272,991 in IP production! We spoke with Steven Giordano to get some insight on his current goals, as well as how he was able to start producing a lot so quickly:

When did you start with Family First Life and how did your first few months go?

"I started in December on a part time basis and went full time in February. It took a couple weeks before I made my first sale, and I was averaging around $6,000 in IP business those first few months.

Do you come from an insurance background and what was the driving factor that allowed you to issue pay 30k a month?

"No I had worked in hospitality all my life, specifically in the restaurant industry. What forced me to sell a lot was when I quit my job and went full time. I knew I didn't have a backup plan and I knew I really wanted to do it. That allowed me to put all of my focus on it."

What is your goal for 2019 and what do you wish you had done differently your first year with Family First Life?

"My goal is to issue pay $450,000 this year! I wish that I would have started hiring more aggressively when I first started. I was doing it a little bit but I was more focused on my own production at the time."

Family First Life is extremely thankful for Steven as well as all of our top producers! We hope that others who may be struggling will find some encouragement and advice that will help increase their own sales.

If you would like to advocate for another producer to be featured in our agent spotlight, please contact Agent Support Specialist Precious Smith at 860-317-1324 EXT. 1324