Weekly Agent Spotlight - Mikayla Wolfe

This week's spotlight agent is Mikayla Wolfe!

Mikayla started with Family First Life in mid-August and has already issued over $60k!

We spoke with Mikayla to get some insight on her first few months with Family First Life:

How did you get started with Family First Life?

"I was working as a personal trainer and Bulletproof Ambassador but not making enough money. I visited my best friend who is engaged to Zac and he explained what he was doing for work and that I could do it as well."

You were able to issue pay $20,000 your first month! What allowed you to do that?

"I just listened to everything that Zac told me to do. Before I was even contracted I went to a 5 hour conference and learned from other leaders like John Wetmore. He explained how it's really all just a numbers game, and that allowed me to get on a fast track to success. "

On Aug.12th you attended your first dial day and on Aug.13th you were out in the field with 7 appointments. What gave you the motivation to get out there that quickly?

"I didn't have a choice. I had been putting purchases on a credit card and that payment was going to be due on Aug.31st so I needed to make that happen as well as just change my overall low-income situation. I sold two policies on my first day and called Zac multiple times throughout the day to help me. "

What is your goal for 2020?

"I have many goals that I've written down. I want to open up an office in Northern California and have 20 writing agents by that time. I'd also like to speak from the stage at our next convention. Family First Life has designed such an easy system to follow so I know I can do it."

Family First Life is extremely thankful for Mikayla as well as all of our producers! We hope that others who may be struggling will find some encouragement and advice that will help increase their own sales.

If you would like to advocate for another producer to be featured in our agent spotlight, please contact Agent Support Specialist Precious Smith at 860-317-1324 EXT. 1324