TrueTalk The Podcast 100th Episode Celebration!

TrueTalk - The Podcast is our longest running series here at Family First Life. This week we have reached 100 episodes – 100 rich stories for you to listen to and gain inspiration!  TrueTalk is the story behind the people at Family First Life and beyond and how they climbed to success. They share their lives and how life has changed them. Occasionally there will be a surprise guest, and you might hear from one of the Family First Life Corporate staff or a new agent having a ton of success out of the gate! You will leave this podcast inspired! Today we are going to highlight some memorable episodes.



TrueTalk The Podcast !!! - Ep.1 - Andrew Taylor -


This is the episode that started it all! Andrew Taylor talks about how he made his way from working as a grocery bagger to making over a million dollars a year with Family First Life. He and FFL President Shawn Meaike unpack his story in an informative and entertaining way. 


TrueTalk Podcast Ep. 34 - Precious Smith


Precious Smith is the hiring manager for Family First Life. Her parents immigrated from Africa, and she discusses how she and her siblings were the first in her family to go to college. Initially, she was an agent but eventually transitioned into various jobs with FFL Corporate. She discusses how she wound up in hiring and how she grew into a role that she was at first very uncomfortable. Getting uncomfortable helped her to find success!


True Talk Podcast - Ep. 79 - Shawn Meaike interviewed by Nick Ayala


This episode is notable for so many reasons. Nick Ayala of FFL Priority Life interviews FFL President Shawn Meaike. Shawn talks about his path to Life Insurance. This episode Shawn shares a poignant reason he left his job as a social worker for the state.  He also discusses the people who shaped his life and helped him to become the man he is today and how sobriety helped to fuel his work ethic. This marks our first episode that was released in both audio and video form.


True Talk Podcast Ep. 95 - Jen Chamberlain -


Mike Sizer interviews Jen Chamberlain. She is a former national figure skater who is now part-time Family First Life agent writing $10,000 a month part-time.  She shares her story of being the mom of six kids including toddler triplets and how she can make time to be an agent and remain consistent. If she can do this anyone can! 


True Talk Podcast Ep. 71 - Dreamcenter Resident -


FFL President Shawn Meaike interviews three residents of the Dreamcenter Los Angeles.  These formerly homeless people share their stories and how they eventually wound up at the Dreamcenter with Pastor Matthew. These people reveal how they changed their lives for the better after reaching rock bottom.