Top Ten Reasons To Attend The Family First Life Annual Convention

In case you missed the "Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend The Family First Life Annual Convention" social media post series, you can read them below. These are our reasons, but what are yours?  Registration for the convention is FREE. To get registered go over to

10. It's in Las Vegas!! Stay an extra few days, ponder what you have learned at the convention or just HAVE FUN!
9. See Gaylin Ware sing the National Anthem like an angel!
8. The feeling you get as a group during the award ceremony and the charitable giving. Listening to how Family First Life has helped the world. It truly will expand your heart.
7. See the Top Producers strut around in Western Garb! We promise it is worth the trip.
6. Seeing the finale of the Convention Movie! Every year the corporate staff dust off their acting skills and produce a fun movie for the whole company. The trailer for the movie is coming in September with episodes coming in November and December! The FINALE will be shown on the big screen at the convention hall!
5. Celebrating the huge number of top producers and the anticipation of who is going to make Hall Of Fame in 2020!
4. The speakers!! Connie Podesta - Keynote Speaker, J.R. Martinez- Author - Wounded U.S. Army Veteran, Pastor Matthew Barnett - Dream Center Co-Founder, Tom Hegna - Retirement Expert. Did we mention the event is also FREE!
3. Having LIVE access to top producers. Being able to ask a few questions you have been thinking about all year or just introduce yourself so that you can be in contact for the rest of the year!
2. Watching the rich stories from the top producers. Listening to what has helped them to propel their business and their lives can be extremely motivating. This can help you all year long.
1. Being surrounded by other people who know exactly what it is you do day in and day out. People who share the same trials and victories as you do! It's more empowering than you think.