The Annual Convention - The Mike Sizer Interview

Today we interview Family First Life's Marketing Director Mike Sizer! He has ALL the information on the National Convention. Besides being a marketing guru, Mike is the Dad of four kids. As it is with almost everyone at Family First Life, he started his career here as an agent in the field! He has always had a passion for art and graphics, but since working in marketing he found a knack for video production and graphic design.  Read on to hear what Mike had to say about what you can expect at the Annual Convention!

The National Conference is almost upon us.  When and where is it being held this year?  Why did you choose that venue? 

Our 2019 Annual Convention takes place at the Venetian in Las Vegas on January 31 - February 2, 2019. We chose Vegas this year because our theme for 2019 is ALL IN and we feel that Las Vegas represents that state of mind better than anywhere.

Why is it essential for the people who work with Family First Life to attend the conference?

There are so many reasons why people who work with FFL should attend, one of the most important reasons is the fact that there is no way in the world to receive better training on what we do than being there in person. All of our top VPs will be training on exactly what they have done to get to where they are today, both on stage and in breakout sessions. You get to meet these VPs along with the all of FFL's top producers. It's the best way to meet our carrier reps while learning the details of each company we work with in the carrier specific breakout sessions. Not to mention our Top Producer Dinner and the FFL Award Ceremony is where you will be recognized and rewarded for all of your hard work in 2018.

There is no way in the world to receive better training on what we do than being there in person

Are people who do not work with Family First Life welcome?

Absolutely, every year we have a good mix of current agents along with brand new agents attend our convention.

How much to attend?

FFL's Annual Convention has always been and will always be FREE to attend. We do not believe in charging agents for training.

Can you give us some ideas on the speakers who will be attending? 

Dave Anderson will be our Keynote Speaker along with FFL's President Shawn Meaike, and several of our top VPs like Mike Killimett, Andrew Taylor, Marc Meade, Matt Smith, Paul McClain, Brent Abernathy, Drew Jerdan, Domonique Rodgers, Athena Villanueava and Frank Eufemia just to name a few.

Can you tell us some of the special events around the conference?

There are so many, from the Lead Training which kicks off day 1, to the 2nd annual Women's Seminar, to the newly added Q&A with FFL's President Shawn Meaike all on day 1. Not to mention capping off day 2 and day 3 with the Top Producer Dinner and our Awards Ceremony respectfully.

Anything you can tell me that we might not know?  Have any exclusive sneak peeks for us?

The theme for this event is 80s Blockbusters! In the 80s movie directors reshaped the industry with big movie blockbusters like Jaws, Rocky, Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones. FFL has done the same to the insurance industry when we decided to go ALL IN, in 2013 by offering the highest comp in the industry, vested our agents renewals day one, not having them sign a contract and selling insurance at a record pace as we close the year surpassing our goal of $150 million.