Reflection on the Convention - Zac T

Today we are talking to one of our newer agents Zac T from Family First Life Coastal! Zac first attended the Family First Life Annual Convention last year and had a considerable amount of success since.  Read on to read his story in his own words.  

1.  Why do you think it is so valuable for new agents to attend the Family First Life Annual Convention?

It’s so valuable for new agents to attend the convention because the actual real-world sales training that is packed into three days would take a new agent three months to pick up in the field and to ask questions even if they have the best mentor in the world. It could be and often is the difference between a new agent writing 100k and 300k in their first year.

2.  Tell us how attending the Family First Life Annual Convention has helped you to become so successful?

The annual convention was a turning point for my business. Last year from August to December I issued less than 100k. This year I issued just over 400k and the reason for the shift was when I went to the convention. I had a plan of attack, meaning I had specific people I had questions prepared for and I sought them out and got my questions answered. It also raised my level of belief because it became evident that all of these top producers were normal, albeit incredibly hardworking and motivated, people.

3. Will you share with us your favorite convention story?

My favorite convention story was being a new agent and sitting in the coffee line next to Sean Ruggerio in the morning and asking him if he had a couple of minutes to talk. Of course, he said yes even though he is always incredibly busy and I spent the next 20-30 minutes picking his brain. I thought it was indicative of the culture at Family First Life because he had no idea who I was, but he was still willing to answer my questions and have an in-depth conversation with me, just because he enjoys helping people learn and expand their businesses.