Looking Forward and Looking Back - Happy New Year

It is the end of 2019! Here at Family First Life, we saw some incredible growth and we entered into a partnership with Integrity Marketing that will help us all take this thing we created to the next level.  We have started a record number of new agents this year all the while taking care of the old. During this explosive growth, we have not wavered from our mission to take care of families of both our clients and our agents and staff. We have worked tirelessly this year to refine our training and to make sure our agents have the information they need on hand to succeed 24 hours a day. We have a better CRM that is deployed and ready to make our agent's jobs easier.


We look forward to the challenges that will face us in 2020.  We are honored to have so many of you joining us in Las Vegas at the Annual Convention.  We have always made this a free event and will continue to do so.  We are determined to bring you a valuable experience that will help you to propel your business in 2020.  We are driven to double the number of Hall of Fame producers and agents that make it to VP and Board Member this year and face the challenges that growth creates. We look forward to Family First Life reaching its goal of 400 million in paid life and annuity business as we continue to "takeover" the insurance industry on our quest to become a household name.


We look forward to continuing this journey with our incredible agents and staff and to meeting the amazing people who will join us this year that will help us change Family First Life for the better!


Here is to an incredible 2020! Happy New Year Everyone!