Life Insurance Awareness Month - Travis Mason's Story

Travis Mason is an agent with Family First Life Midwest and he, like many agents, have stories of death claims. We have been celebrating the importance of having coverage during September, which is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Today we share his words.

I had my first death claim experience just a few months into working with FFL. I met with a 62-year-old woman who had just lost her husband. Due to the timing of her loss, she was very distraught throughout the entire appointment. After the loss of her husband's income, she and her two daughters had to move back in with her 81-year-old mother to try and condense living expenses. I quoted her a price for a $10,000 burial policy. She didn't feel that she could afford it, but I reiterated how important this would be to avoid another tragedy for her daughters, and she agreed. I then helped show her how she could structure her budget to pay for it each month, and we got it issued.

Barely six weeks later, I received notice that she had passed away. I immediately called the daughters and helped file the claim. They were extremely grateful because the death benefit would not only cover their mother's burial expenses but also help with their day to day living expenses as well.

I realized at that moment how important what we do is. I remember thinking when I first started that I wasn't fully equipped to go out into the field because I didn't have enough "product knowledge." I think a lot of new agents feel that way, but building an actual relationship with the client and letting them know that you really care about them is the most important thing. I'll carry her story with me to every appointment I have.