Learn More About Selling Med Sup!

Family First Life is thrilled to be offering Medicare to the families we serve. We recommend our agents to have at least six months selling Final Expense and Mortgage Protection out in the field before contracting to sell Medicare. It'd better for agents to have a book of business and some experience out in the field before jumping into Medicare. We also recommend that agents sell two policies a week. After five years, you will have a passive income of $100,000 a year!


You should ask your Final Expense or Mortgage Protection clients some additional questions if they are nearing 65 years old.

* Are you already collecting Social Security

* Do you currently have employer coverage through your job?

* When do you plan on retiring?

Make sure to let them know that you help people with their Medicare and would love to help them.


If your client is on Medicare already let them know that Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is just around the corner, October 15 thru December 7, and you would be happy to review their plan with them to see if you can put them in a plan which could help them save money.


Its important thing to know if you are helping a client with Final Expense and they want to talk about Medicare Advantage plans you will need to book another meeting with them. You can't help them with Medicare Advantage in the same appointment as a Final Expense or Mortgage Protection meeting because against Medicare rules.


Get your contracting done with Americo and Mutual Of Omaha to help people with MEDSUP and United Health Care for Med Advantage.


For questions please contact: medsup@familyfirstlife.com