From Convention to Agent - The John Prem Story

Last year at the annual convention, I had the pleasure of meeting John Prem.  He was standing off to the side, waiting to get into the awards ceremony. I was walking around getting video reactions to Tom Hegna's Retirement Seminar for Advanced Market Sales LIVE.  He told me he was not an agent and that he had met Marc Meade a few days before and wound up in Vegas. He had the look of a man caught in a whirlwind. I wished him luck, and many times this year, I wondered about him.  A few weeks back, I saw John was a guest on one of the podcasts! I was thrilled to know he was having success, and I wanted to interview him for the blog.


John believes in a strong work ethic. His motto is to work hard, smart and with integrity and stay humble. He enjoys cooking during his free time. John and his wife live in Secaucus NJ with their 2-year-old son, Judah.

How long did it take to get your license?

I failed my licensing exam twice, but the third time was a charm. I felt a real sense of urgency to get my license because my unemployment insurance benefits were running out, and I needed to have the income to support my family.

What was your experience at the Convention from the point of view of someone who had so little experience with insurance?

When I first heard about insurance I thought it was not for me because I had no warm market in the USA.  Being at the Convention changed my mind.  Convention gave me the motivation to do this! There were real people making real money.  If they could do it, I could do it too!

What did you learn from the convention that helped your business?

I took a ton of notes but the numbers sold me! This year when I attend the convention I will learn more because I have been in the field for the last seven months. I know what the job entails and my strengths and weaknesses.  I look forward to getting product knowledge, annuity education, and information on hiring.

Who do you look forward to seeing speak at the convention?

I am looking forward to hearing from Jack Yiu because he is so funny. His casual way of speaking makes me so comfortable. Shawn Meaike because he is so great to learn from. Sean Ruggiero because I want to learn more about annuities. Marc Meade because I followed his 2019 theme to surrender to what you do and it worked for me. Mike Killimett because I want to learn from his success.  

Why do you think the Family First Life Annual Convention is important for everyone?

This the event will change all the attendee's lives for the better! If I had the money I would bring ten people with me and help change their lives. If Marc didn't bring me to Vegas I would not have joined Family First Life.  I would be at a 9-5 job hating my life.  CONVENTION COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE.  

John and I ended our conversation discussing gambling.  We are both not big gamblers.  His point was that he would rather spend his money on leads!  Thanks, John for the enlightening conversation.  It has been a pleasure to watch your career grow and I look forward to interviewing you when you make VP!