Family First Life Founders Week Interviews: Mike Killimett

In celebration of Family First Life's Founders Week, we talked to some of the people who have been with the company from its inception. We asked them about the early days, how we got where we are now, and the future of Family First Life.  Today we will hear from Mike Killimet!  Mike is the President of Family First Life SouthEast and a Vice President of Family First Life. Mike is a humble, hardworking man who truly believes in taking care of his clients and his agents. His words speak for themselves.

Describe the early days of First Family Life compared to now.

The early days for me is something I will never forget. We had one carrier and no leads, but I believed in what Shawn was doing and why we were doing it. Now we have every main carrier you can have in our world and more lead opportunities than any other IMO.

How do you think we grew to a 100 Million+ company in 5 years.  What do you think we did right.

Hard work and Leadership that was willing to go to make money with their agents not just of their agents. We have also accepted change and tried new things to make everything better for the agent. The reason we grew so fast is the willingness of Shawn to put the agent first and to fight for us every day. The main thing we did right was we never wavered from our goal to change the kind of money you should be able to make with an insurance license. People told Shawn you can't give such high comp it will not work, but it did not change in Shawn's thinking on how the agent has to come first.

Tell us what you see as the future of Family First Life?

FFL will be the biggest IMO ever, and we will have more agents making over seven figures than any IMO has ever seen. We will have our own insurance carrier that our agents will be able to write. We will monopolize the world we live in!