Family FIrst Life Founders Week Interviews: Marc Meade

In celebration of Family First Life's Founders Week, we talked to some of the people who have been with the company from its inception. Today we are talking to Marc Meade. Marc is the leader of Family First Life Tri-State.  He is the only member of the FFL Hall Of Fame who has qualified as a personal producer, over $400,000 Yearly issued paid and as an agency over $10,000,000 Yearly IP.  Read on to read Marc's words on where Family First Life has come from and where we are headed.

1.  Describe the early days of First Family Life compared to now?
 In the early days of Family First Life, it was like we took a whole lot of barren land with forest like trees. We had to chop, cut, disintegrate the trees to see the land for what it was and have the vision, fight and fortitude to start building on that land. That came in the form of getting lead sources; hiring agents, teaching agents to sell, teaching agents to teach other agents to sell creating a system where value exceeded price, where putting the agent first was a priority and understanding the fine line of outworking your situation with no time to really recharge. Early on, we pushed the needle at every corner with the idea of building houses on that land, building roads on that land, laying down grass and making that land tree lined. That’s the system we have in place today. A system where anybody from any walk of life can come in, make FFL a home and go out there their first year and issue pay $250,000+ a year in life premium. The agent can walk out of their home, meet their neighbor, learn what their neighbor does and use some of their neighbors’ strategies to make their home a better home. There were many selfless leaders that paid that price early for the people of today to come in and have immediate success if they choose to. Now there’s a system in place that is highlighted by immaculate sales training, elite compensation, selfless support from people all across the country and a lead system that is continuously being optimized to help more agents serve more families.

2.  How do you think we grew to a 100 Million+ company in 5 years.  What do you think we did right.

 You can’t grow to $100 Million+ a year without making mistakes. The single biggest thing we did right was when we made the mistake, we owned up to the mistake we apologized to the sales force and told them we would get better every day. Shawn has always taken the approach of “He’s not perfect, but he won’t let you down.” We mirrored that in our organizations and that became a fabric in the company culture. The vision that Shawn had to offer higher compensation and create a team environment go hand in hand. When you treat people right, it creates a level of appreciation that perpetuates giving back. We also have a “Don’t Quit” mentality that allows us to push multiple areas of the business every single day. That in it of itself is innovative. That innovation creates an opportunity that people can visually see which allows them to take their game to another level and build layers of leadership.  Selfless leadership is the key to $500 Million+.
3.  Tell us what you see as the future of Family First Life?   

The future of Family First Life is going to blend a lot of the principles that we’ve used that got us to $100 Million+, along with technology, social media, and cutting-edge simplicity. The simple tenement of our business model is that we are in the people development business. In order for the company to go to the next level, we have to keep developing people. We have to keep promoting selflessness and keep developing leaders. The most futuristic thing that FFL will thrive on is the people partnerships we create in the years to come.