Family First Life Founders Week Interviews: Andrew Taylor

In celebration of Family First Life's Founders Week, we talked to some of the people who have been with the company from its inception. Today we talk with Family First Life USA VP Andrew Taylor. Andrew Taylor went from bagging groceries to one of our youngest and most successful VPs of all time.

Describe the early days of First Family Life compared to now.

Early days with FFL were exciting.  All odds were against us, every week another challenge would come up.  We had no leads and a lot of uncertainty, but we were excited to make a difference in the industry.  All I knew was that Shawn had a big vision and we all stuck together as a team following his lead.  Now FFLs opportunity is 10x greater because we are established in the industry, and Shawn stuck to the original core values that the company was built on.  It keeps getting better every day.

How do you think we grew to a 100 Million+ company in 5 years.  What do you think we did right.

We did the right thing.  Put money in agents pockets by paying them what they deserve and didn’t use them as a revenue stream for the company through leads and training.

Tell us what you see as the future of Family First Life?

I see us going to a billion dollar company in 5 years and will become a household name!