Agent Spotlight - Vanina Bonanno

Family First Life would like to formally recognize Vanina Bonanno as our agent of the week!

Vanina is currently #103rd in the company with $228,236.93 in IP production!

We spoke with Vanina to get some insight on her time with Family First Life:

What were you doing for work prior to Family First Life and what made you want to join?

"I was working at a different insurance company that I wasn't having a great experience with, so I started looking into new opportunities and interviewed with a number of different IMOs. I really liked the training and lead availability. I also liked how Marc Meade was very upfront and talked about winning together"

What is one thing you did differently in 2019 that's increased your production from 2018?

"In 2018 I didn't have a license yet so I had to rely on different modes of transportation to get to my appointments. Now I can drive myself and I've also increased my lead flow which has helped a lot."

How and why did you start hiring?

"Initially I didn't think that I wanted to hire yet because I was new to Family First Life. I started posting my production numbers online and agents that I had worked with in the past began reaching out to me. Everyone that I've hired has been through my warm market network."
What is your goal with Family First Life in 2019?

"I had a slow start to the year so my personal production goal is $300,000. In regards to my agency, I would like to be a Vice President again."

Family First Life is extremely thankful for Vanina as well as all of our top producers! We hope that others who may be struggling will find some encouragement and advice that will help increase their own sales.

If you would like to advocate for another producer to be featured in our agent spotlight, please contact Agent Support Specialist Precious Smith at 860-317-1324 EXT. 1324