Agent Spotlight - Tray Honeycutt

This week's spotlight agent is Tray Honeycutt!

Tray currently has $105,337 in IP production, and his agency is averaging $450,000 per month!

We spoke with Tray to get some insight on how he's grown and manages his agency:

When and why did you start to really focus on hiring?

"Back in 2017, I started working in Andrew's office and I began to see and really believe that I could be successful in building my own organization."

Have you used your warm market or cold market platforms to find your agents?

"I've used both. With my warm market, I knew it would be a process so I didn't chase them. I would talk about the opportunity with them when the time was right and continue to show them our leader-boards and other marketing materials. For cold market hiring, I would invest $1500-3000 per month in Secure Agent Leads and get a lot of good candidates."

What are some things that you currently do that you wish you would have done in 2017 to accelerate your hiring success?

"I wish I would have realized how helpful our business development meetings are. They allow me to see agents on a weekly basis as well as meet new ones face to face. I also had to learn to not be too involved in my down-lines hiring process. When they ask for help, I'm there for them, but for the most part, I let them lead their own agency"

What is your goal for 2020?

"We have over 200 people in class, and 30 who are in contracting so I believe we can get to $600,000 in volume within the next 3 months. For 2020 I'd like us to be issuing 1 million per month."

FFL is extremely thankful for Tray as well as all of our producers! We hope that others who may be struggling will find some encouragement and advice that will help increase their own sales.

If you would like to advocate for another producer to be featured in our agent spotlight, please contact Agent Support Specialist Precious Smith at 860-317-1324 EXT. 1324