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Family First Life is comprised of independent agents, all over the country, that truly understand the value of life insurance and the impact it has on families. They help provide stability and security for your family after you're gone.



Family First Life is an Insurance Marketing Organization-this means that we don't sell our own insurance, we partner with top Insurance carriers, so you are truly able to get the product that best fits your situation.



Where-Everywhere-We have over 100 offices throughout the country. We have independent agents in all 50 states so, regardless of where you live, there is an agent near you!


Family. First

FFL agents have a passion for putting your family first. It's not just a name, it's our entire identity. Helping families is our #1 priority.


Family First Life provides the resources for our agents' growth and success.

Mortgage Protection: Mortgage protection insurance is a way to protect one of your most valuable assets in the event of a death. Most terms are designed to give you a full return of premium if you outlive the policy. In the event of a death, the mortgage will be paid in full, so your family can keep the house.

Final Expense: Final Expense insurance will cover you for life. Prices are locked and will never increase nor will your policy end. These types of policies are designed to make sure all funeral and other end of life expenses are covered.

Indexed Universal Life: This is a type of permanent policy that allows the insured to accumulate cash value in addition to their death benefit. It can be setup to help supplement your retirement plan.

Fixed Index Annuities: This is a safe way to participate in the market's gains while avoiding potential loses and keeping your retirement secure.

The Truth

Learn the Truth about the Insurance industry and decide for yourself where you will have the best shot at success!


Other IMO’s have the ability to give out comp as high as FFL, but they choose not to. By paying low comp to agents, the IMO makes more money. At FFL we believe in the agents keeping more of the money.


As an independent contractor, we don’t believe there is any reason to sign a contract with an IMO. The only contracts you should sign are your carrier contracts in order to sell their products.


Getting a bonus at another IMO is nearly impossible if they have a bonus program at all. At FFL, we have bonuses on an agency level and personal production level. We have given out over $5 million in personal production bonus and over $3 million in agency production bonus so far.

Sales Training

Family First Life offers FREE training all year round. Learn from the top agents in the industry instead of the other IMO agents that charge you to learn and haven't sold in years.


Most companies will vest you after 5 or 10 years, there are also many that don't offer renewals at all. At FFL you're vested 100% day 1 which means your business is truly your business.


The lead options available in the Integrity Lead Center come from time-proven generation methods and innovative sources. We offer a massive inventory of leads updated in real-time that can be purchased and delivered immediately. Backed by Integrity, FFL has been able to generate leads anywhere in the country at a rate that promotes and encourages both personal and agency growth.


As an IMO, FFL is designed to offer products from a long list of the top-rated carriers in the country. This allows our agents to help families find the best products for their situations.


We have multiple FFL affiliated offices located across the country. Come in today and learn more about how FFL became the "industry disruptor."
134 Offices Nationwide
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Over $1,000,000




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Our Team

The Family First Life corporate staff is comprised of a team of highly motivated professionals working together to create an elective, welcoming environment.

Shawn Meaike


Mike Sizer
Director of Operations

Han Shot First | Gamer Dad | Loud Music

Sasha Alba
Leads Director

Crochet Addict | Sudoku Lover | Enthusiastically Optimistic

Corinne Herren
Contracting Manager

Mother of three | Lover of Sarcasm and Caffeine

Jazmine Alba
Agent Support Manager

Foster Parent |Star Wars Fan | Dog Lover

Bill Greenleaf
Operations Manager

Conscientious | Heavy Metal | Great Outdoors

Katherine Rose
Executive Assistant

Creativity Junky | Practical Optimist | Mother of Cats and Humans

Precious Smith
Agent Liaison

Believer | Travel Enthusiast | Anime Addict

Naomi Ruggirello
Marketing Manager

Graphic Designer | Gamer | Pet Mom

Bridget Scanlon

Dreamer | Cat Lover | Sweet As Pie

Nicole Almonte-Mateo

Mom | Detail Oriented | Island Gal | Event Planner/ Decorator

Laura Diaz-Chia

Dog Mom | Cosmetologist/Fashionista | Modest

Elizaldy Hilario

Dancer | Rose Gold Lover | Optimistic

Jovan Ibes
Social Media Manager

Gym | Netflix | Meme King

Sergio Lorenzano

Gamer | Traveler | Car Enthusiast

Jordan Brunsdon

Mom x2 | 80's Baby | Workout Enthusiast

Tahnee Whitehead

Traveler | Cat Lover | Music

Tanya Brunsdon

Dog Mom | Gamer | Outdoors | Crochet

Samantha Wexler
Marketing Assistant

Realist | Wanderer | Boy Mom x 2

Ashley Bressette

Singer | Ukulele lover | Grateful to be here

Keena White

Kittens | Candles | Cooking/Baking | Proud Hufflepuff

Chris Boyle

Artist | Storyteller | Overthinker

Beth Churchill

Avid Reader | Adventure Seeker | Food Enthusiast

Trevor Swabby
Contracting Liaison

Girl dad | Gamer | Sports enthusiast

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